Draper 120L Tipping Cart

by Mars

Kirsten has wanted a tipping cart for quite some time because they are more manoeuvrable and steady than wheelbarrows, so she was really excited to assemble and use the Draper 120L tipping cart.

This tipping cart has a reinforced steel frame chassis with a toughened plastic tray that can hold up to 450kg, which makes it ideal for a host of activities, as Kirsten showcases in the video.

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kevin kinge
3 years ago

It’s very efficient compared to the one wheeler wheelbarrows we use here. Very nice

Ralph Brunjes
Ralph Brunjes
3 years ago

I have one of these . They are good little narrows, the top is very strong . The Handel is dual purpose , one so you can pull it and two so that you can attach it to your lawn tractor.
The only terrible thing with it is the metal used is not very strong and the plastic paint job is not weather proof . It rusts very quickly.
I was not that impressed with it apart from the top.

Ralph Brunjes
Ralph Brunjes
3 years ago

The plastic IS WEATHER PROOF, it is the metal frame that rots .

1 year ago

I have just bought this same model but I can’t work out the rear axel assembly, the struts are different lengths but the holes in the tray for them are the same distance apart. So one fits and the other doesn’t. Was yours like this?

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