Cuprinol garden shades review

by Mars

Last summer we undertook the mammoth task of sanding down and treating all our teak outdoor furniture. One of the pieces, an ornate Balinese bench, was treated and painted with a Cuprinol product that we had not used before. This is our Cuprinol Garden Shades review.

We want preempt this post by saying that we often opt for paints and treatments by Dulux/AkzoNobel. We’ve recently repainted vast portions of our house using Dulux Professional paints, which are excellent, and we’ve used other Cuprinol products to good effect on other outdoor furniture. Typically, their products are excellent and hard to knock.

We can’t say the same thing about Cuprinol Garden Shades, White Daisy.

We went through all the steps in August last year of preparing the bench to be painted. It was sanded down, cleaned and prepped. We then applied three coats of the product.

Fast forward eight months, and this product has responded extremely poorly. While the paint has been OK in the ornate design areas, it has flaked and come away across vast portions of the flat, seating area. It is also coming away in the armrest areas.

Given that this is a product for garden furniture, we are extremely disappointed that it hasn’t even lasted a year, let alone the six years stated on the tin.

cuprinol garden shades review

It’s frustrating because you spend money on a premium product and brand, put in a lot of hard work to sand and clean the bench, only for us to have to do it all over again this summer. Frankly, we expected better.

Other Cuprinol products, as stated earlier, have been very good, but we’ll be giving the Garden Shades range a skip in the future.


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Sarah Trigger 5 March 2021 - 09:07

Glad I saw this, was about to buy it to paint a bench. Sod the idea of redoing it again next year.

Mars 6 March 2021 - 08:38

Glad it helped. It wasn’t a great product.

Paul Collier 19 March 2021 - 12:52

Minimum of two coats required. Subsequent coats must be applied on the same day no longer than eight hours apart. If not possible highly sand down surfaces before recoat to ensure adhesion.

Colin Cruickshanks 21 March 2021 - 10:09

I had a similar experience all last year’s work is to do again I have started already but I am not sure what to use.

Mars 21 March 2021 - 21:38

It’s frustrating. We’re going to pressure wash the bench this week, ad we’ve got some outdoor paint from Farrow & Ball. We’ll see if that’s better.


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