The art of the daily grind

by Mars
Cuisinart Professional Grind and Brew Plus

We had to recently retire our high-end Jura coffee machine that has served us very well for over a decade. While the Jura delivered incredible espressos and frothy cappuccinos, the maintenance and cleaning it required was a slog, so we wanted a replacement coffee maker that would be easy to use and maintain.

After a lot of research, we identified Cuisinart’s Grind and Brew filter coffee maker as a potential contender. We’ve never owned a Cuisinart appliance before, but have generally heard good things, so when the Professional Grind and Brew Plus went on sale on Amazon a couple of weeks ago we pulled the trigger.

Generally speaking, we are very pleased with the coffee maker because it is compact, well-designed, easy to use and delivers a very good quality filter coffee, and we discuss its merits and limitations in our video review below.

This coffee filter machine is currently on sale as part of Black Friday deals in the UK, and you can pick up the Cuisinart Professional Grind and Brew Plus on Amazon or directly from Cusinart’s website.

You can also buy the standard Grind and Brew Coffee Maker (which is the baby sibling of the professional model) on Amazon or directly from Cuisinart’s website.

As mentioned in our review, if you like cappuccinos or lattes, you might want to consider Lavazza’s MilkEasy which is a good companion for this coffee filter.

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