Cordless Makita Chainsaw Review

by Mars
Makita DUC353 cordless chainsaw

When we moved into our new property, we inherited a small wood supply consisting of offcuts and small logs from the previous owners. We have two wood burning stoves inside the house, and we needed a tool that would allow us to cut some of the logs so that they would fit in our Chesney stoves.

When we went down to the country store last year, they had a promotion on a battery operated, cordless Makita chainsaw (DUC353). We purchased it, and last year it was the ideal tool to shorten medium width logs so that they would fit in the wood burning stoves.

This review will show you what the Makita DUC353 cordless, battery operated chainsaw is capable of.

The battery life does get limited when you work the saw through very thick logs, as you’ll see in the video. Also bear in mind that when you buy this chainsaw, it usually only includes the body and batteries and charger are usually extra.

Update – November 5, 2019

We received some constructive comments pertaining to our review of the Makita cordless chainsaw. Towards the end of the video above, you’ll see that the chainsaw struggles a tad getting through the log and there is some smoke.

The reason for this, as it turns out, is that the chain had gotten blunt and needed to be sharpened. I did this using our chainsaw sharpening tool.

This certainly did the trick and the chainsaw is working amazingly well again. So thank you for the comments.

Moving to the country, after living in the city for most of lives, has meant that we need to learn and educate ourselves on a huge amount of things and develop new skillsets.

When we purchased the chainsaw, the guy at the store told us we’d need to sharpen it once a year. Never did it occur to us that the chain may have become blunt, which is why it was struggling to get through the logs and smoking.

We’ve certainly learnt something new, and hopefully this post and video will provide some insights for new chainsaw users.

As a reference, we used this chainsaw sharpener from Stihl to get our saw working and cutting properly again.

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