Makita cordless lawn mower and strimmer review

by Mars

We purchased two cordless Makita garden tools, the DLM431 lawn mower and DUR181Z strimmer, to help us maintain our manicured front and back garden. We’re not fans of petrol motors, and given the distance from the nearest power socket to areas we need to maintain, we opted for battery operated tools. This is our Makita cordless lawn mower and strimmer review.

You learn quite quickly with battery-operated tools that there is a definite balance and trade-off between convenience, efficiency and performance.

Convenience is important – you don’t need lengthy extension cords to reach distance points of your garden, and you’re not spewing CO2 into the atmosphere from a petrol engine. Convenience, however, is hampered by a decrease in power and you have a defined length on how long the battery will last.

The video above illustrates this point quite clearly, especially when using the lawn mower.


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