Caernarfon 18kW Air Source Heat Pump Review – Autumn

by Mars
air source heat pump in snow

Our Caernarfon air source heat pump has now been operational since the spring. It’s time to see how it performed over the course of the past three months as part of our autumn air source heat pump review.

To this point, our air source heat pump has had it easy and has been covered in our summer review.

To see how it performed over the autumn, including a very cold November, please check out this video.

Caernarfon air source heat pump review

For detailed information, please see the breakdown of our running costs below for September, October and November 2019.

Numbers for Sep, Oct, Nov 2019
Solar energy produced1.152MW
Total electricity used (after solar) 2,787mW
Electricity used by ASHP2,164mW
Coefficient of performance (COP)2.5
Electricity cost for ASHP£298
Oil cost in Sep, Oct and Nov 2018£750

Based on our electricity tariff, we spent £298 on heating over the past quarter, which equates to just under £100 per month.

We hope you enjoyed this review, and if you’d like to get informed when our winter update is out, please subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel.

UPDATE Feb 19, 2020: the winter review is available here.


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