Built a large delivery and parcel box

by Mars

As the lockdown continues with no obvious sign of when the Coronavirus drama will be over, we built a large delivery and parcel box because we’re going to increase the amount of stuff we buy online.

Since late February, we’ve been quarantining all our post and courier deliveries, but with an increase of purchases on Amazon and other online stores our post and storage box simply wasn’t large enough.

So my wife commissioned me to build a 60x60x60cm delivery and parcel box that can take multiple large deliveries like our 10kg cat food bags or live plants from Marshalls (if they ever arrive).

I finished building the box today. It’s big. Really big. And it weighs a tonne so it’ll definitely be robust and sturdy enough for our deliveries.

Generally, I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, and we applied a coat of Ronseal Decking Stain, country oak colour, to help it blend with our five bar gate and fencing posts.

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