We have our first borage flowers

by Mars

As with the bulk of our garden patch growing this year, it’s about experimentation and learning. We grew a very small patch of borage from seed outside our veg patch, and we now have our first borage flowers.

Initially, when the seeds germinated, they were munched on by slugs, so we put a copper ring around them and they recovered into a healthy plant that has now started to flower.

From my reading, this is what I now know about borage.

Since the flower itself is edible, borage is often classed as an herb. The flowers can be added to salads for a splash of colour, and some people freeze them in ice cube trays which they add to drinks.

I’ve never tasted borage flowers before, but they’re supposed to have a light, delicate cucumber flavour, so it makes perfect sense that they’re added to gin and tonics. I’m going to pick a few this week to confirm the taste.

borage flowers

As far as the plant is concerned, it’ll grow to about 60cm in height and will also bush out. Borage will self sow if allowed to do so, and is not supposed to be overly invasive.

Not surprisingly, borage flowers attract honey and bumblebees.

As companions (I’ll definitely look into this next year), they support the overall health of tomato plants. They are also a good companion for squash and strawberries. I’ll have to look into this, because it’s a beneficial plant with a pretty flower, so we should be utilising it to it’s maximum potential.

borage plant
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