Booster shot for our fruit trees

by Mars
Ecoworm for trees

We are very excited about our orchard this year – the trees are entering their third season and to this point we’ve been thinning out the fruit to help the trees establish. They are looking better and stronger than ever, and the winter wash also seems to have done the trick, so this year we’re hoping to get a healthy assortment of apples, pears, quince and plums.

Coincidentally, this is also the third year that we are using Ecoworm’s vermicompost liquid fertiliser, and in order to give the trees a nutritional shot, we’ve applied the first course of Ecoworm for trees. For fruit trees, it’s recommended that you use 100ml of Ecoworm concentrate per 10 litre watering can and then split that between 2-3 trees. We did 5 litres per tree, and we will then apply the same amount each month until November when the trees go dormant for the winter.

We’ve been very impressed with the results we get from all the Ecoworm products (for trees, plants and vegetables) and if you’ve never tried their products before we recommend you give them a go, especially if you grow vegetables and fruit. If you decide to try their products, don’t forget to use the MYHOMEFARM voucher code at checkout to get 20% off your purchase. You can visit the Ecoworm shop here.

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