Wham, bam, bamboo: Bamigo T-shirt review

by Mars
Bamigo T-Shirt

Our route to sustainability has been slow and steady, so I was really excited to be contacted by Bamigo to try out their bamboo T-shirts*.

For the past two decades, we’ve only really purchased clothes made from natural fibres like linen or cotton, and they have their respective issues when it comes to the environment and sustainability. Cotton requires something like 8,000 litres of water to grow one kilogram and it has a lot of pests, so growers resort to using loads of pesticides.

We’ve got bamboo growing in our back garden, and it’s one of the easiest things to grow. It needs sunlight and water, has no pests and it grows insanely quickly.

So it’s exciting that clothes manufacturers have figured out how use to bamboo to make fibres for clothing. Enough background. Let’s talk about my new Adams T-shirts from Bamigo.

The T-shirts are silky and soft, and I received one in navy blue and one in grey. The Adams style is a looser fit than Bamingo’s slim fit T-shirts, and even though they’re classified as undershirts I will use the grey one to sleep in, because it’ll be really nice and light, and the navy one will be prefect for gardening and being outdoors in the garden in the summer. In fact, I wore mine today in the lovely sunshine to do some pruning in our raised herb beds.

Because the T-shirts are made from natural fibres, they should allow your skin to breathe and that will be keep you cool and fresh. Looking at the label, they’re made from 68%viscose bamboo, 28% cotton and 4% elastane.

One very important thing to add is that if you’re going to order from Bamigo, be sure to check out their size charts. I’m typically a large in T-shirt sizes, but had to get an XXL from them, which is a great fit for me, because it’s not skin tight and it’s nice and loose. If I’d gone with a large, or even XL, these T-shirts would be quite tight, which is something I’m not a fan of, so give the sizing some thought before committing.

In closing, I’m very impressed and pleased with the quality of the T-shirts and I’m looking forward to wearing them outdoors, as I did earlier today to do some gardening in the sun. Highly recommended.

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