Back in the Garden After Winter

by Mars
Greenworks Drills

As we look out over our garden, it’s clear we’re well behind schedule this year because the weather has been a persistent challenge. Despite a mild winter, we have had to grapple with record rainfall that has left the ground too saturated for our usual gardening activities, and every attempt at tending to the garden has been a muddy struggle.

In spite of the relentless downpours, we found a brief respite to winter wash our fruit trees just before they went into bud. This preventative measure is key in safeguarding them from potential infestations and diseases. This year we used the Handy Knapsack Sprayer to apply the winter wash to keep them healthy this fruiting season.

Our garden also faced the onslaught of several storms, each one leaving its own mark. Amidst the relentless gusts, our trellis in the back garden was a notable casualty. Despite the turmoil, the resilient potato vine climber that had woven its way through the lattice work held firm, its green tendrils intact. The task of mending the trellis provided the perfect test for our Greenworks drills. The convenience of cordless tools made the repair work easier than expected and we were able to restore the trellis to its former position, solidly anchored using masonry and concrete fixings.

To round off our gardening preparations for the year ahead, we assembled Handy’s Multi-Purpose Cart. The assembly of the cart went off without a hitch, and it offers a convenient solution for organising smaller items and keeping tools within reach, while the tipping function will allow us to manage bulk materials like soil, compost and garden waste.

Now, with our fruit trees safe and protected, the trellis firmly in place and our new tipper cart assembled, we’re fully prepared for the upcoming gardening season. The weather may have delayed us, but as any gardener knows, nature waits for no one, and we are more than ready to catch up.

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