An idyllic evening in the Welsh borders

by Mars

It’s been another busy spell for us as we push to complete projects before the summer comes to an end, and we got to enjoy a perfect evening on our deck next to the pond tonight, overlooking the new vegetable garden.

A short post today and we’ll let the video explain. Enjoy.

Sights and sounds from our valley
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Sheila Murrey
3 years ago

Beautiful picture! Might you have any Yew trees near where you live? ❤️????????

Sheila Murrey
Reply to  Mars
3 years ago

I love the Yews we saw on our visit to Ireland, England, and Scotland last summer… and we were told there are even larger and more Yews in Wales. So, Wales is next on our list to travel to when the travel bans are lifted. ❤️

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