Adding perennials to our back garden

by Mars

The back garden we inherited from the previous owners a couple of years ago was planted out with a mixture of evergreen shrubs, bushes and trees, which is great for winter but not so colourful for summer. Kirsten decided it was time to add some colour and get some flowering perennials in.

We jetted off to the local garden centre and practiced social distancing as we shopped for new perennials to add to our borders.

In this video, we get the first half of the plants we purchased into the ground, which include kniphofias, fuschias, agapanthus, penstemons and lobelias.

Watch our back garden bloom into life with colourful flowers and see how we finally start to put our own mark on this south facing farm house garden.

Our new perennials

  • Penstemon Garnet
  • Kniphofia John Benary
  • Phygelius African Queen
  • Fuchsia Army Nurse
  • Fuchsia Mrs Popple
  • Campanula garganica ‘Mrs Resholt’
  • Geranium Rozanne
  • Delphinium black knight

Tools & Supplies Used

  • Manor Farm Multi Purpose Compost
  • Westland Potting Grit
  • GRÜNTEK Secateurs/Pruning shears
  • Miracle Gro Performance Organics All Purpose Food
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