My favourite gifts

by Kirsten
My favourite Christmas gifts

This year, I received some absolutely gorgeous gifts that were so thoughtful. As a gardener, we always appreciate anything related to our passion, and we are almost too easy to buy for because we know that just about anything from the garden center will be useful. However, it’s always extra special when it’s something you haven’t seen before or even considered buying for yourself.

One of the biggest surprises was the most lovely “Gardener’s Tea Break Hamper” from one of my favorite brands of the year, Feverfew. Rachel is taking gardenwear for women to a whole new level. Her women’s gloves are getting five-star reviews all around, and I truly love her story. Not only is she a formidable woman rocking a startup in Orkney, Scotland, but her branding and attention to detail are inspiring! Thank you so much, Rachel. I know that only more awards and accolades will pour in for you in 2024!

If you are looking for a gardener’s gift this year, for a birthday, anniversary, etc., then this is the gift box to order.

Then there was my new “Partridge in a Pear Tree” plant pot! I mean, talk about combining a gardening gift with Christmas. This has me written all over it. It will forever be my favorite indoor plant pot, and it’s not only beautiful but the size was perfect. I like indoor pots to be of a decent size so you can really grow a happy indoor plant, and this fits my geraniums’ pots easily.

A hand-blown glass bird Christmas bauble was just the sweetest gift and is always one of my all-time favorite gifts to receive from my family. It not only adds to my ever-growing collection and looks lovely on the tree, but I also love when a tree is full of memories and tells a story. It’s a very special tradition to me, and one I will forever be thankful my wonderful step-mother started.

What kind of start would it be to any year without a spring bulb? This very simple water vase for a scented, heady Delft Blue is such a great gift, and it’s already getting used to its new home in the conservatory. Watching it grow will be such a lovely signal that we are heading back into long gardening days full of Dahlias and vegetables. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
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