29 varieties of vegetables we’re growing his year

by Mars

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to get the seeds out and start prepping for the growing season ahead. This year, we went with seeds from Thompson & Morgan because we found that they have many different varieties of vegetables.

Over the course of the coming weeks we’re going to share the different vegetable varieties we are going to grow this year and provide regular updates along the way. In this introductory post, we look at a few of the standout highlights that we’re particularly looking forward to growing.

Our full growing list for 2022 with direct links if you want more information about the seeds or if you want to buy them:

Swiss Chard ‘Celebration’
Kale ‘Nero di Toscana’ (National Trust)
Kale ‘Starbor’ F1 Hybrid – Kew Collection Seeds
Kale ‘Midnight Sun’
Cabbage chinese ‘Natsuki’
Cabbage ‘Cordesa’ (Autumn Savoy)
Cauliflower ‘Veronica’ (Summer/Autumn)
Squash ‘Sunshine’ F1 Hybrid (Winter)
Pumpkin Zombie F1 Hybrid
Swan Gourd
Courgette ‘British Summertime’ F1 Hybrid
Gourd ‘Ornamental Mix’
Radish ‘Amethyst’- Kew Collection Seeds
Cucumber ‘Mini Munch’ F1 Hybrid
Cucumber ‘Goblin’ F1 Hybrid
Salad Leaves ‘Cut ‘n’ Come Again’- Kew Collection Seeds
Salad Leaves ‘Bright and Spicy’
Rocket ‘Sweet Oakleaf’ – Kew Collection Seeds
Pea ‘Jumbo’
Pea ‘Oasis’
Peanut (Arachis hypogaea)
Globe Artichoke ‘Green Globe Improved’ F1 Hybrid – Kew Pollination Collection
Tomato ‘Romello’ F1 Hybrid
Tomato ‘Oh Happy Day’ F1 Hybrid
Broccoli ‘Monclano’ F1 Hybrid (Calabrese)
Brussels Sprout ‘Bright’ F1 Hybrid
Broccoli ‘Purple Rain’ F1 Hybrid (Purple Sprouting)
Leek ‘Below-Zero’ F1 Hybrid
Cucamelon ‘Melothria’
Potato ‘Maris Piper’

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