Adding Alliums to the garden

by Kirsten

This is the first year we’ve grown alliums and these fun globe-shaped flowers on long straight stems are perfect for filling flowering gaps between spring and summer.

Alliums are referred to as ornamental or flowering onions and there are literally hundreds of species that come in a multitude of colours, sizes and heights, and sellers like Dutch Grown, who we get our bulbs from, have a great selection.

We’ve planted several different types of alliums this year, but our two favourites are Globemaster and Gladiator that have long-lasting purple blooms that bees love.

Globemaster is a monster with its attractive spherical blooms and flowers from late spring to early summer.

While Globemaser is impressive, we have a lot of Gladiators growing throughout the garden this year and its spectacular, architectural flower has a long flowering period and they make for very good cut flowers. 

You can buy Globemaster and Gladiator at Dutch Grown, and if you use the voucher code MYHOMEFARM10 at checkout you’ll get 10% off your order.


Alliums should ideally be planted in full sun, at a depth twice the size of the bulb. Alliums are perennial so plant them in a permanent spot and they’ll reward you year after year with their splendid blooms. If bulbs are going into the ground they should be planted in early to mid autumn. If they’re going into pots, you can plant them from early spring onwards.

And they’re amazing for pollinators like bees. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
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