Tips for removing bathroom floor tiles

by Mars

Removing the shower and basin units has been relatively easy as part of our bathroom gut job. Having not done this kind of thing before, removing the ceramic floor tiles has posed several challenges. As with most things though, it just requires some strategic thinking and the right tools.

For this job, I started by arming myself with our multitool and tile removal attachments, as well as a crow bar.

The first few tiles on the peripheries came out quite easily. As I progressed inwards, removing tiles was proving more and more difficult.

It became increasingly obvious that I would need a chisel to complete this job as the crowbar was just to too thick to get under the glue that was beneath the tiles.

I popped down to our hardware and purchased two slightly different chisels and that made all the difference. The Roughneck 25x305mm in particular was the standout performer.

Going forward, I would cut into any grout that was preventing tiles from popping up with the multitool, and then hammer the chisel under the tiles. In some instances, I would also create a recess under the tiles using the multitool to give the Roughneck chisel additional leverage.

This approach has made the process a lot easier.

Major safety tips

When removing ceramic tiles you must be very, very careful because it can be a dangerous exercise. When you pry tiles up with a crowbar or get the chisel underneath, they splinter like crazy and fire shrapnel in every direction. This is not an exaggeration.

I’d suggest wearing protective gloves, a respirator or mask if you’re using the multitool because it creates an insane amount of fine dust, and protective goggles to shield your eyes from the ceramic shards.

I used these goggles, which we purchased from Amazon, and they shipped with the respirator mask. This, in my opinion, is a must-have as you’ll be able to protect your eyes and lungs.

I wear glasses and the goggles fit very comfortably over them.

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