Thermal Skytec work gloves

by Mars
Skytec Gloves SKY08-L Argon Glove

November was ridiculously cold, with snow, frost and a lot of sub-zero days, which doesn’t make for pleasant outdoor working conditions.

My wife purchased me VGO cut resistant working gloves a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve been awesome for indoor tasks like dismantling the bathroom. As good as they’ve been, they don’t keep your fingers warm when you’re outside dealing with logs or firewood. They also aren’t water resistant and get wet really easily.

So she came to the rescue yet again by purchasing a pair of black Skytec SKY08-L Argon thermal work gloves.

They offer a good amount of finger movement and flexibility, are very comfortable and padded, and are definitely thermal because they keep your hands very, very warm. The manufacturer claims the gloves up to -50c. I definitely don’t want to put that to the test.

What I really like about them is that they’re great in wet conditions, which is important during wet, damp winter months. I’ve been using them primarily to chop and prepare firewood. Your hands stay incredibly warm and dry, and your joints are staying protected from the cold, wet weather conditions.

The gloves are also well made and look extremely durable. Another excellent purchase on my wife’s part considering they sell for £6, and these gloves are definitely recommended if you have to work outdoors in cold winter conditions.

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