Sustainable Selfcare

by Kirsten

Stress is a side effect of modern life for the majority of us whether we are living a high-speed lifestyle in the city or a slower paced one in the country, and we are starting to understand the importance of self care and mindfulness more and more – not just for our metal health, but also for our physical well-being. 

Essential oils and herbal remedies are something that I personally get a lot of benefit from. Whether it’s using a pillow spray to calm me down before bedtime or taking some time out at the weekend to relax with a lavender eye pillow.

Looking after ourselves is a vital part of us staying healthy. If you are like me and find it really hard to switch off, something as simple as an eye pillow actually forces you to lie down, stay still and not get distracted with phones or screens, and that gives you a really good opportunity to focus on your breathing. 

This type of self care can be sustainable, natural and low impact ensuring you are treating the environment as gently as yourself.

The lavender eye pillow that I use is from Soap Folk and I love that they are a small business that holds all the same values as I do and make beautiful products that are handmade, plastic free, natural and cruelty free.

They have a gorgeous line of soaps which not only look lovely but also smell heavenly. I have always found that natural fragrances smell so much better than any synthetic perfumes and you can certainly smell their incredible soaps before you even open them. 

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