Shelves added to transform garden store and tool shed

by Mars
Organised tool shed and garden store

We have a garden store in our back garden that measures approximately 1.5 x 4 metres, which is a great space. When we moved into the property it was completely under-utilised and only had one shelf. This was a quick and easy DIY project that we undertook, and put in a lot of shelving to store our tools and gardening equipment making it a highly useful room.

It’s amazing how shelves transform a space from being useful in terms of just having space, to effectively utilising the potential of that space and being able to organise it.

We now have shelves that store our basic gardening gear and equipment, such as gloves, little spades, utensils and twine, all the way through to storing our DIY essentials: nails, screws, hammers, spanners, saws, wrenches and screwdrivers. We do not keep any power tools or electric appliances in the store room as it can get damp and cold and we do not want them getting damaged unnecessarily.

By mounting another shelf quite high up, it created a great storage space for large cumbersome items that we don’t need regular access to, such as large boxes and containers.

garden store - before picture
Garden store and tool shed – before picture
garden store - after picture
Garden store and tool shed – after picture
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