Sex sells, but this is ridiculous (or am I just being a prude)?

by Mars
sex sells

We all know that sex sells, but this is truly ridiculous. We ran out of chainsaw oil this weekend, so I popped onto eBay and Amazon to buy some more.

I started scrolling past the first few listings and it was all the usual suspects: Stihl, Oregon, etc. Halfway down the first page, I had to do a double take. There was a product called Sexy Chainsaw Oil.

What? Lo and behold, the branding has a topless woman (the photo has been blurred and censored on eBay and Amazon).

There is actually a company that manufacturers, brands and sells a product called Sexy Chainsaw Oil and I’m not entirely sure who their target demographic is.

Surely it must be highly embarrassing having a huge 25 litre bottle of power tool lubricant sporting a naked woman displayed on a shelf in your garage; not to mention inappropriate if you’re married and have children.

But there clearly must be a market because at time of writing, 301 of these 25 litre bottles had been sold on eBay. And not only must there be a market, they have a full-blown product line of sexy chainsaw lubricants with different girls to help differentiate their product offerings. It’s quite astonishing.

Rather prudishly I purchased an unsexy chainsaw oil from Oregon, sans nudity. The world’s unsexiest chainsaw oil?

Unsexiest chainsaw oil
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