Ronseal Multi Purpose Wood Filler Review

by Mars
Ronseal multi purpose wood filler

With nearly 100 metres of beading laid to cover gaps between the floor and skirting boards, we decided to finish this project off by filling the remaining small gaps with wood filler. We used Ronseal Multi Purpose Wood Filler.

While wood looks really smart around the house, it does expand and contract, and in rooms with significant temperature variations it can lead to gaps between the floor and beading.

Despite us laying oak and pine beading around the house (in the conservatory, kitchen, living room and bathrooms) there were some areas where small gaps still remained between the beading and the floor, and these gaps can lead to small drafts.

To help us fill these gaps we used Ronseal Multi Purpose Wood Filler. We used the white colour in the bathroom and kitchen, and the light colour (for medium oak) where we have oak floors, skirtings and beading.

The best process, we found, was to use your finger to jam the product into the gaps, give it a couple of minutes to set and then use a damp cloth to wipe the floor and beading/skirtings.

You can obviously also allow the product to set fully (a few hours) and then sand it down, but we didn’t find this necessary for this application.

We are extremely pleased with the application of the product and the outcome and it states on the container that this product “flexes with movement of the wood, so it won’t crack”. We will keep an eye on this, and update you all accordingly.

Based on our experience, this product is highly recommended as a wood filler.

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