Review of 1200W electric Ryobi strimmer

by Mars
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We were in need of some serious strimming power to help us tackle a field that had become overgrown with grass and dock leaves. After extensive online research we purchased a Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 1200W strimmer. This is the first time we have purchased a Ryobi product and our verdict is in.

To get the job done, we required a strimmer with bucketloads of power, but didn’t want to go down the petrol-powered route and our battery powered Makita strimmer that we use for keeping borders neat in our manicured garden was underpowered and wasn’t going to cut it (quite literally).

The Ryobi RBC1226I (full specifications here) ticked a lot of boxes (most notably that it was 1200W of power) and came with a metal blade attachment to potentially level areas of dock leaves and other stalky weeds.

So far the results have been great. Check out our video review to see the strimmer in action.


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1 comment

1 comment

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