Restoring our garden furniture

by Mars
Restoring our garden furniture

It’s been a few years since we last did any maintenance work on our garden furniture, so it’s time to take advantage of the good weather and sand everything down, treat it and restore it.

We have seven sets of garden furniture, and we wanted to stain and varnish them in different colours and finishes. This was a painstaking process, involving a lot of trips of to the hardware store and a lot of online research.

These are the products we used this year and they’re all covered in our video

Another issue we faced is that wasps have been grinding and stripping some of our outdoor furniture, which makes it look unsightly. The wasps quite literally chew off strips of wood, which they mix with their saliva to make a glue-like paste that becomes the outer shell of their nest. We had to consider dealing with this as part of our garden furniture restoration project.

We sanded down every piece of furniture, then applied three coats of Ronseal Clear Wood Preserver. Once that was done, we used an assortment of varnishes, paints and stains, and you can watch the video to see which products were a success:

Ronseal Crystal Clear Outdoor Varnish
Sandolin Extra Durable Woodstain: African Walnut
Sandolin Extra Durable Woodstain: Burma Teak
Cuprinol Exterior Garden Furniture Stain: Clear
Cuprinol Fence Paint: Forest Oak
Cuprinol Garden Shades Paint: Black Ash

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