Rabbit resistant flowers and shrubs

by Kirsten

We have multiple wild rabbit families that reside across our small holding, and while the rabbits have an abundance of food, not unlike humans, they enjoy the odd sweet treat. Much to my dismay those sweet treats are usually young, tender plants that never get a chance to mature and flower because they’re nibbled on by the rabbits.

Our ethos is to work with nature, so over the course of the past two years I’ve experimented with different plants and reveal the flowers and shrubs that our rabbits don’t munch on. Please share the plants that you’ve grown that have been resistant to rabbits in the comments below.

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Tabula Rasa
2 years ago

Having had free ranging rabbits for over twenty years I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that there isn’t anything they won’t have a go at. I’ve found them up Christmas trees, in apple trees and I even found them eating yew once (bunnies are the only species apparently that are immune to its toxicity). The strawberry patch is their favourite.

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