Picking our own wild blackberries

by Mars
picking wild blackberries

We headed down to the bottom of the field yesterday and filled three punnets with wild blackberries. It wasn’t easy, as you’ll see in the video, but it was deeply satisfying, and the wild blackberries are really, really delicious. They certain taste as good as they look.

What’s more, blackberries are also incredibly healthy. They are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants (anthocyanins), are a great source of vitamin K and manganese, and they’re high in fibre.

We had ours last night with a small bowl of Greek yoghurt. Delicious. Our neighbours will be expecting their apples soon, so I can definitely see apple and blackberry pie on the dessert menu in the coming weeks.

Picking wild blackberries in our field

We’ll go down and pick blackberries every other day now, and hopefully they’ll keep fruiting to November which will make for delicious and healthy desserts in the evenings, and we’ll also start freezing them.

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