Our first year growing dahlias

by Kirsten

We’ve been growing our dahlias from tubers since March, and this week we finally got to plant them in our new cut flower raised bed. All of the tubers were purchased from Sarah Raven and out of the 33 we received 32 have been grown and planted out successfully.

We chose a mix of sizes that will grow to 90cm and 120cm, and should give us a regular supply of beautiful cut flowers and dinner plate size dahlias this year. We opted for a variety of colours ranging from light to dark pinks, peach, salmon and orange. I’m most excited to see Islander, Fairway Spur, Cafe Au Lait Royal and Waltzing Matilda bloom.

Even though I love the thought of growing flowers like roses, I don’t want to deal with thorns, and while we have a few peonies in the garden they don’t flower for a very long time, so the softness of dahlias and their long flowering season right up to the first frost (last year that was November) is hugely appealing.

You can watch me planting out the dahlias in this Instagram video.

If you’d like to see how we built our raised with a horizontal support system, please watch this video on our Instagram channel.

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