Our first apples

by Kirsten

We thinned out the amount of apples on our trees earlier this year to help them establish, and it was really exciting to pick our first apples today from the Grenadier tree.

This variety of apple produces medium-large fruit that have a pale green skin, which gradually turns pale yellow-green in colour. Grenadier apples are harvested earlier than a lot of other varieties, typically in August, and they have a sharp, zesty flavour, which we can vouch for. They are cooking apples, and will reduce to an apple purée.

Some other key characteristics about Grenadier apples is that they are resistant to scab, canker and mildew. According to the tags that came with the tree, they are susceptible to capsid bug – we don’t know what that it is, but I don’t think our tree was affected by it this year. We will have to stay vigilant.

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