I am feeling the smooth-paste

by Kirsten

I remember very clearly being on holiday in Bali when Mars got horrible sunburn on his shoulders after a great day at the beach, so we went into town to find some soothing cream. That was in 2015, and even then I was always trying out and searching for natural skincare products.

We walked into a lovely organic health shop and the assistant showed me a brand they had just bought into the shop from Australia. It was called MooGoo. The packaging was cute, fun and they clearly had a strong focus on natural ingredients. Mars got some milky body lotion, lip balm and some other bits, and we were both really impressed. All of the products worked a treat and were very healing on his sunburn and good on my sensitive skin.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I have another MooGoo product to try out. I haven’t seen or used any other products since the ones we bought on holiday, so it’s been a number of years, and I am very curious to see how they have developed and evolved as a company and if their skincare is still as lovely as it was back then.

It’s a natural formula toothpaste this time, called Mooth Paste*. Again, cute name. They still have that fun, tongue in cheek (excuse the pun) packaging they had before, so it’s nice to see they have kept their sense of humour even as they have become a more established and worldly brand.

It comes in a plastic tube (so not zero waste) and then in a box. The branding is very nice with attractive colours, none of the siren reds, blues and other shockingly bright colours you typically get on toothpaste tubes. This tube looks far more sophisticated on the side of the sink. A clear, well explained ingredients list is on the box, which I always appreciate. I can be a bit of a sniffer dog when it comes to skincare products having iffy or misleading ingredients.

Mooth paste
Mooth paste by MooGoo

Commercial toothpaste you get on a standard supermarket shelf can be as controversial as deodorants, filled with nasty ingredients which you are ultimately ingesting, even in small daily quantities. Just think about how much kids swallow when they brush their teeth. Yuck. They usual have synthetic fillers, binding agents, colourings and flavours which, let’s face it, are just no good for us.

Mooth Paste claims to have found natural alternatives for all of these nasty ingredients and has even made their toothpaste with the added benefit of filling in scratches on the tooth surface which helps prevent decay. 

You know when you associate a smell to a certain time or experience, well as soon as I opened the box I got this whiff of the unqiue MooGoo smell and I immediately felt like I was back on holiday. It’s a sweet buttery smell and it just smells delicious. Bonus, I couldn’t exactly eat the body lotion last time I used MooGoo, but with this being a toothpaste I am super keen to have a taster.

The oddest thing is that even though it smells sweet, buttery and like your favourite pastry, it tastes 100% like strong minty toothpaste, no sweetness or creamy butteriness. The paste is white, smooth and quick to foam. It leaves a distinct fresh minty flavour in the mouth and because it is natural it’s very easy to rinse out and I was not left with any residual paste. I have sensitive gums and it has been lovely to use, with no sensitivity triggered.

I will be interested to see if over time it does remineralise cracks and scratches on the surface of my teeth. In the meantime though I am delighted to use Mooth Paste morning and night, and feel very pleased that what I am using in my mouth is gentle and natural.

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