Making zero-waste, natural Christmas gifts

by Kirsten

It’s time to start making some Christmas gifts. This year it’s really fun and super easy fizzy bath bombs from Aromantic. It’s a brilliant indoor activity which would be especially great with kids or grandkids on a rainy day and makes a lovely gift for friends and family.

There’s also no baking required – you just pop them in the freezer for 2-3 hours to harden off. I added some of my own essentials oils (peppermint, orange sweet and juniper berry) and then decorated them with some dried flower petals from the garden. 

I have a cupboard full of dried flowers and petals in jars that I’ve dried over the years from my garden. I would love to show you one day so you can see all the different flowers you can dry and the results you get. They come in really handy when you want to decorate something like a table setting, a cake, skincare or just sprinkle in a gift box. 

It was so relaxing making these bath bombs and they turned out beautifully. I get so much joy in knowing I am giving away handmade gifts which are toxic-free, plastic-free, zero waste and natural. I hope this inspires you to make something special this Christmas.

To find out more about Aromantic’s bath bomb kits, please visit their website.

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