Making Sticky Gnat Tags Look Nice

by Kirsten
Making Sticky Gnat Tags Look Discreet

This year we have had more house plants than ever before, and even though it is lovely to have such a great selection of greenery in the rooms they have come with some annoying little companions: shore fly. They are similar to fungus gnats, but gnats look a bit like a mosquito while shore flies look more like tiny black flies.

They tend to fly around the house plants and multiply fairly quickly which has become a real nuisance so it was time to get rid of them. The most common way to deal with them, without spraying or using chemicals, is to just place a sticky paper trap into the plant pot. These are sold in bright yellow which are highly visible in plant pots and are therefore not the most attractive things in the world, so I decided to make them a bit more discreet. 

I had some bamboo plant tags left over in the shed which are really simple and natural looking. Then I ordered some gnat trap sticky paper from Amazon in a standard rectangle shape and some white tack (aka blue tack).

It was very quick and easy to just cut a small strip and tack it onto the back of a bamboo tag and then pop it in the plant pot with the yellow sticky paper facing backwards and the nice neutral colour bamboo facing outwards. It will be super easy to replace the sticky paper as and when needed and then when no longer required, I will just pull off the yellow paper and white tack and have a bamboo plant tag still ready to use. 

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