Making a pond bowl for wildlife

by Kirsten
small pond

We have a lovely brass, Indian temple bowl that we picked up on our travels many years ago that now lives out by the pond, and this year I was inspired to plant it out with water plants and make it a small wildlife pond for all our garden visitors.

We used Westland’s aquatic compost to plant the carex pandula, orange peel plant and Iris Louisiana Black Gamecock into, and then we topped dressed it with potting grit and pebbles. The pebbles are important because they add the weight needed around the plants to keep them in place during windy days and also act as stepping stones for small creatures, such as toads, to get in and out of the the bowl.

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1 year ago

[…] something for everyone here, even if you’re gardening in minimal space. Check out their guide to making a pond bowl for wildlife, for example – a simple way to create a natural haven for aquatic creatures no matter how small […]

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