Karcher SE 4001

by Mars
Karcher SE 4001 vacuum cleaner

When working on DIY projects that make a lot of mess and dust inside the house, we try to keep things as contained and clean as possible. When gutting our master bathroom, we’ve had to cut into plasterboard and tiles, which is very messy and dusty work, and I can’t emphasise what an invaluable asset our Karcher SE 4001 vacuum cleaner has been.

For those of you familiar with Karcher products, you’ll probably note that the SE 4001 is primarily a spray extraction appliance to deep clean textile fibres. In other words, it’s a carpet and fabric washer. That aside, it’s an absolute beast as a heavy duty vacuum cleaner.

It comes with a paper filter bag that collects all the rubbish and dust you vacuum up, and it seems that the bag capacity is endless. We regularly hoover the inside of our car and ash from the wood burning stoves, along with other heavy duty cleaning jobs and we only replace the bag every six months.

The capture bag inside this Karcher is enormous.

This week, as part of our master shower gutting project, we’ve added vacuuming up grout, tile dust and shards, plaster, plasterboard fragments, wood chippings and even concrete bits.

This vacuum is an absolute workhorse and it’s made it so much easier cleaning up as you go – from a health perspective it’s important because you end up breathing a lot less dust in too.

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