Installing a new rim lock

by Mars
Victorian style rim lock

One of the oldest period features we have in our house is a barn door that goes to the 19th century. When we viewed the house, there was an elegant, vintage lock on the back of the door – this was removed and replaced by a cheap, office-looking rim lock by the time we moved in.

It goes without saying that the rim lock does not match the Victorian door in any way, so we did our research and purchased a Victorian-style rim lock with beehive handle, which we change in the video below.

We hope you enjoyed this video on us upgrading and changing our rim lock.

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Gaynor Austin
Gaynor Austin
2 years ago

Hi. My name’s Gaynor and we just moved into a Victorian house and watched your video on rim locks. I’ve spent ages looking at rim locks and as you said prices vary. Yours looks great! Please could you forward me where you purchased the rim locks and door knob. Thank you so much.

Reply to  Gaynor Austin
2 years ago

Thanks for your feedback Gaynor. Here’s the purchase link:

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