How To Choose The Right Felco Ergonomic Secateurs

by Kirsten
Chosing the right Felco

When it comes to secateurs, we think that Felco make some of the best pruners in the world and they have a product for everyone. In this video we’ll walk you through the process of choosing the right Felco ergonomic secateurs for you, so you know which size (small, medium, large) and which models are available to you in static and rotating handles.

You can download the Felco hand size guide mentioned in the video by clicking here.

Shop Felco Ergonomic Secateurs

Felco 2:
Felco 6:
Felco 7:
Felco 8:
Felco 9:
Felco 10:
Felco 12:
Felco 13:
Felco 14:
Felco 15:
Felco 16:
Felco 17:

Felco 14SmallStaticRight
Felco 15SmallRotatingRight
Felco 16MediumStaticLeft
Felco 6MediumStaticRight
Felco 17Medium RotatingLeft
Felco 12Medium RotatingRight
Felco 8Large StaticRight
Felco 9 LargeStaticLeft
Felco 7LargeRotatingRight
Felco 10LargeRotatingLeft
Felco 13LargeStaticRight
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