Gutting our master bathroom

by Mars

Last week Friday, as we were heading to bed, we discovered water leaking through our hallway ceiling. Leaks of this nature are scary. We turned the stopcock off, but the leak persisted. Upon checking the central heating pressure, it was through the roof. We turned our heating off and bled some radiators to get the pressure down. It worked.

Finding and fixing water leaks that manifest themselves from ceilings or walls is a horrible task. After making four holes in our ceiling and walls, we found the culprit in the stud wall behind the towel rail, and our plumber did the repair work. We switched the central heating back on, and everything is back to working as it should. Touch wood.

Since moving into this house, we’ve had to deal with three or four leaks that have come from the master bathroom. Since the towel rail had to be removed to fix this latest leak, and with damage to the walls, we decided to gut our bathroom and get it done from scratch – it required updating away. This would allow also us to rectify other underlying issues that we come across.

In order to save money, we’ve decided to gut the bathroom ourselves and undertake a significant amount of the work ourselves.

The thing with DIY work of this nature is that in order to get the work done properly, a portion of the labour savings should get funneled into buying equipment and tools. This makes sense to us because once you have the tools, you can use them for other projects.

A few days ago, we started by removing the shower, and we’ve adopted an approach of methodically doing the work, and when we need a new tool or equipment we add it to the Amazon shopping list and order it on Prime, getting it the next day. So far, it’s working out really well as a system.

It’s also going to lead to a flurry of product reviews, which is a good thing.

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