Growing our own garlic – part 1

by Mars

We love garlic, and today we’re going down the road of growing our own. The plan earlier this year was to plant out a 9x9m area in our field with garlic. For several reasons that we’re not going to go into, I’ve decided to scale this down.

We purchased three varieties of garlic and some onions. I will be growing the onions in trugs.

For the garlic, I’ve gone down a different route. I went to our local hardware store and picked up some used pallets. I have converted these into raised beds and have dug these into our field.

Please watch part one of our garlic planting video (October 2019) which shows how I went about making the raised beds, where I placed them and which garlic varieties I went ahead with.

Part two will hopefully follow in late spring/early summer when the garlic is ready harvest and we’ll document how we went about weeding and maintaining our raised beds.

We spent £9 on our garlic, which we hope will yield around 100, fully organic cloves in the summer, which would be an amazing return in investment.

For your reference, we managed to get the following number of cloves from each of the packs (two garlic heads per pack):

  • Thermidrome: 23
  • Dario: 32
  • Germidore: 22
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[…] Back in October 2019, which seems like an eternity ago, we planted three varieties of garlic: […]

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