Draft proofing our house with beading

by Mars
Oak beading

The previous owners of our house didn’t draft proof key areas in the property, so ahead of the winter we’ve decided to apply beading in rooms where large gaps have formed between floorboards.

We have oak floorboards and skirting, and we managed to get a good deal online on clearance stock for 22mm oak beading from Ron Currie (they were very professional, the delivery was on time and the quality of the wood was excellent).

We have never laid beading before, so this was a definite first. Please watch this video to see how the project went.

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3 years ago

[…] We checked and sealed all our skirting boards. We were getting drafts coming into rooms from under the skirting boards. We caulked the bottom of the boards, then applied beading to hide the caulk and give the floors a better, finished look. This was costly as beading is expensive, but it has helped, especially in our garden room. You can check out our video of this project here. […]

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