Cat Mate Elite Microchip Cat Flap Review

by Mars

Our cats are not allowed outside in the evenings, so we needed a cat flap that would allow us to regulate their movements. This is our Cat Mate Elite review where we focus on the flap’s main features and functions.

Our next door neighbours have a 10+ kg male cat that tries to enter our property and also picks fights with our male cat, Leopold, who is half his size. After doing our research we opted for the Cat Mate Elite Microchip Cat Flap because it satisfied most of our requirements for a cat flap at a reasonable price point.

In this video, we review the Cat Mate Elite Microchip Cat Flap and show its key features and functionality. 

Manufacturer specs

  • Compatible with 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips – registers up to 9 cats
  • Timer function and 4-Way lock allows full access control for all your cats, e.g. to keep cats in at night
  • LCD display shows entry/exit lock status, cat location and time since flap last used for up to 3 cats
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included) which will give approximately 12 months operation
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