Best buds forever – Dahlia Tour

by Kirsten

The dahlias have finally exploded and they are flowering like crazy offering a wonderful array of colour to the garden and the vases inside the house. We have over 30 varieties of dahlias that we’ve planted this year, and they’re all just so beautifully different. I’ve started to put together a series of 60-second long videos where I showcase the foliage, buds and flowers of each of our dahlias. In our first instalment I’d like to introduce you to Engelhardt’s Matador, Mr. Frans, Gypsy Night, Babylon Bronze, Lou Farman, Berner Oberland, Alfred Grille and Waltzing Mathilda. Enjoy.

Engelhardt’s Matador

Mr. Frans

Gypsy Night

Babylon Bronze

Lou Farman

Berner Oberland

Alfred Grille

Waltzing Mathilda

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