Best buds forever – Dahlia Tour

by Kirsten

The dahlias have finally exploded and they are flowering like crazy offering a wonderful array of colour to the garden and the vases inside the house. We have over 30 varieties of dahlias that we’ve planted this year, and they’re all just so beautifully different. I’ve started to put together a series of 60-second long videos where I showcase the foliage, buds and flowers of each of our dahlias. In our first instalment I’d like to introduce you to Engelhardt’s Matador, Mr. Frans, Gypsy Night, Babylon Bronze, Lou Farman, Berner Oberland, Alfred Grille and Waltzing Mathilda. Enjoy.

Engelhardt’s Matador

Mr. Frans

Gypsy Night

Babylon Bronze

Lou Farman

Berner Oberland

Alfred Grille

Waltzing Mathilda

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2 years ago

They are all wonderful. Well done for producing such healthy and pristine plants with no sign of slug damage too.

Reply to  Cathy
2 years ago

Thanks Cathy. No slugs, thanks to Nemaslug, and Kirsten has been hugely attentive to them. We do, however, think one of the plants has mosaic disease so may have to be destroyed. The vases around the house are all full, and it’s amazing how prolific dahlias are.

Jennifer Farmer
Jennifer Farmer
2 years ago

Thanks for an inspiring dahlia post! I love the look of Engelhardt’s Matador – never heard of it before – I will definitely try to source a tuber. I adore Babylon Bronze, too. So impressed with it having grown it for the first time this year. On some blooms, mine had the odd punk streak of red and sugary pink on the petals and they were my favourites %-) I also started the year out with Mr Frans, but sadly just as it started to bloom, some kind of stem rot disease appeared, so I had to whip it out quick in case my nearby dahlia were infected.

One you might like based on the ones you have posted here is Con Amore. Gorgeous ruffly red burgandy blooms, but with a crimson pink undertone that is something you have to see – pictures don’t do it justice. It has great long stems for cutting and looks fabulous in arrangements with Babylon Bronze, Indian Summer and Blue Bayou. It’s very tall though and blooms can be too heavy for stems in rain. Mine is maybe 1.5 metres at this point!!!

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