solar pv uk review

Off the grid: Solar PV and inverter review

It’s been four months since our panels went up, and it’s a fitting time to review their performance and do a solar PV and inverter review of our system. We get technical and specific about the efficiency of our new solar panels.

Being in the UK, people are sometimes skeptical about the effectiveness and performance of solar energy, so we wanted to give an unbiased report, based on real life experiences, illustrating power output on overcast, rainy and sunny days.

Repairing gaps in shed with battens

Repairing gaps in shed with battens

Last year, over the course of the autumn, we asked a local carpenter to build us a shed that would store our outdoor furniture cushions. Over the course of the summer, large gaps, up to 1cm in width started to appear on the shed doors. This is our video on repairing gaps in shed with battens.