Antique and vintage tools

by Mars
Old vice grip

We trekked to the International Antiques Fair of Wales at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells today. The fair is huge, spanning over multiple exhibition halls. The one thing that stood out for me was the vast amount of vintage and antique tools that were on sale.

The majority of tools that were on sale were 40-50 years old (there were some collectibles that were a lot older) and they were still in usable condition because they were constructed to last.

If we fast forward a few of decades, there is no way that tools produced today, such as spades, saws, shovels and axes, are going to be sold as antiques that you can still continue to use.

We live in a materialistic, disposable era where items are not made to last and push consumers into a never-ending cycle of purchase, use, break, replace, which is not sustainable.

I wonder how much longer it’s going to take for us to get back to a mindset where less is more; where things are built properly and to last.

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