50 electric onions planted

by Mars
Taylors electric onions

We eat a lot of vegetables, and since we’ve moved to the countryside we have been experimenting with what we can successfully grow ourselves. Over the summer, we grew Isobel onions from seed, and they were extremely flavoursome and a big success. We purchased a bag of Taylor’s Electric onions (a winter onion) from our local garden centre to get an early harvest next year.

The biggest benefit of growing your own vegetables is that you control what you do with them. We do not use pesticides or other chemicals so we know that what we’re eating is truly healthy and we’re getting the maximum nutritional benefits from our vegetables.

As an added bonus, we paid £1.99 for a bag of 50 onion bulbs. If they all sprout, we will get 50 onions. Supermarkets charge in excess of £1 for a bag of 5-6 organic onions, so it’s clear to see that growing your own not only provides you with a far healthier option, but is also cheaper.

Planting our winter variety Electric onions

Now that the onions are in in mid October, we’ll do a follow up post in a few months to update everyone on whether these onions have taken off and whether they are a success.

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