Ice Guard Rollerball Deodorant

Ice Guard Rollerball Deodorant Review

I’m going to pre-empt this post by saying that I don’t, thankfully, have a bodily odour (BO) problem, but I do use deodorants from time to time, especially when I have to do physically demanding work or when I go out. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never used antiperspirant deodorants, aerosols or mainstream products and have tried to support and stick to organic, natural products.

kale eaten by caterpillars

Kale devoured by caterpillars

Our garden has been teeming with butterflies, but we’ve discovered that butterflies and kale (all brassicas in fact) are not a perfect match because the butterflies have laid larvae on our kale and the caterpillars that have emerged are having an all you can eat kale buffet, which we’re not hugely pleased about.

eve thermo smart trv
Central Heating Tech

Eve Thermo Smart TRV Review

Six months ago we replaced all 12 of our conventional TRVs on our radiators with Eve Thermo smart TRVs. We found it crazy that we had to run from room to room during the cold winter months turning radiator valves on and off, which was an inefficient and ineffective way of heating our property. This is our Eve Thermo review.

isobel onion

Harvesting our Isobel Onions

Our first year of growing our own vegetables has been a mixed bag. The kale is still going strong as is the celery, and the lettuce is finally starting to fade. Our Isobel onions are now also ready and they’ve been fantastic. We grew them from seed, and only planted about a dozen as an experiment to see what grows well. We’ll definitely be planting a stack of these next year.