Stihl HSE 71 hedge trimmer

Stihl HSE 71 hedge trimmer review

We purchased the Stihl HSE 71 hedge trimmer to keep the hedgerow that shields us from the lane that passes our property neat and tidy. In addition to this, we have some hedgerows on the other side of the property that separate us from grazing field so we needed some powerful tools to help us keep them under control. The verdict from our review is in.

Stuffed crust pizza

homemade stuffed crust pizza recipe

Shortly after moving into our new house, we established a delicious tradition: pizza movie night on Saturdays. This has allowed us to experiment with our dough and come up with an awesome homemade stuffed crust pizza, and we’re sharing our recipe and technique with you. Follow our step-by-step video to making our delicious pizza.


Building our own redwood cube box planters

We got a really good deal on an olive tree at Morrisons. The average price for a ‘cheap’ online planter that’s around 50x50x50cm in size is £50 and they are made from thin, flimsy wood, and we needed two. We did the maths and good quality, treated wood for two 60x60x60cm box planters was going to cost us around £40, a saving of £60.