Philips Sonicare toothbrush and Airfloss Pro stopped working

by Mars

We purchased the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush and Sonicare Airfloss Pro as an upgrade to our Oral-B electric toothbrush that we’d had for six years. We purchased these Philips products three years ago. At the time they were full price and expensive, but we figured that since they were Philips they’d be good quality and be with us for a long time.

Two months ago, the toothbrush stopped working. A month later the Airfloss Pro went on the fritz. You read and hear about how consumer products die after their warranties end, and now it’s happened to us.

Both products continue to recharge, but do not switch on when you turn them on, which I find remarkable for a premium product.

Quite frankly, I expected much more from Philips given the company’s general reputation and the price of their products. Sadly, I can’t justify purchasing these products again at this price, despite the undoubtedly excellent toothbrush and Airfloss design.

Not having much in the form of choice, I’ve had to go old school and switched to a £3 manual toothbrush, despite having four toothbrush attachment heads for the Sonicare, which I think I spent another £20+ on.

Other than the financial impact, the environmental impact is significant too. I now have two products (and their respective batteries), two chargers, a travel case and numerous toothbrush heads that I will potentially need to dispose of. More unnecessary rubbish that’s landfill bound.


It’s very, very disappointing.

We will be contacting Philips and will post any responses from them in this post.

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