Ice Guard Rollerball Deodorant

Ice Guard Rollerball Deodorant Review

I’m going to pre-empt this post by saying that I don’t, thankfully, have a bodily odour (BO) problem, but I do use deodorants from time to time, especially when I have to do physically demanding work or when I go out. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never used antiperspirant deodorants, aerosols or mainstream products and have tried to support and stick to organic, natural products. For the past few years I’ve exclusively used Dr. Organic Tea Tree deodorant, which is an incredible product that has a subtle fragrance and successfully inhibits bacteria that cause potential odours. But I recently run out, and was in our local organic shop so I purchased a product called Ice Guard Natural Crystal Rollerball Deodorant – I paid £5.54.

Looking at the label, it says all the right things: non-sticky, no aluminium, unperfumed, non pore-clogging, etc. On the first morning, after my shower, I tried to apply the deodorant but the rollerball didn’t want to roll. After running my finger over the rollerball it’s really stiff and applying the deodorant was not easy (after numerous uses it still hasn’t eased up).

I did eventually manage to get a decent amount on and went out for the day. By lunchtime, my armpits were not feeling great and I could smell BO, which is unlike me. The following day, I applied the Ice Guard again, and had the same issue; on the third day, I didn’t apply any deodorant and I had no issues with BO. 

I went online and stocked up on Dr. Organic Tea Tree deodorant because the Ice Guard just wasn’t working for me. 

I have tried to use the Ice Guard deodorant several times now and have written it off because its natural formulation appears to be bringing out BO instead of eliminating it, and with a £5+ price tag, I think people should be aware of this.