New crocosmia flower bed

We removed some weeds and unwanted climbers outside the kitchen window in the back garden and turned it into a more attractive plant and flower bed. In order to get some vibrant summer colour, we opted for a mix of ‘Zeal Tan’ and ‘Severn Sunrise’ crocosmia plants, with Luzula Sylvatica grasses in front.

Stihl HSE 71 hedge trimmer

Stihl HSE 71 hedge trimmer review

We purchased the Stihl HSE 71 hedge trimmer to keep the hedgerow that shields us from the lane that passes our property neat and tidy. In addition to this, we have some hedgerows on the other side of the property that separate us from grazing field so we needed some powerful tools to help us keep them under control. The verdict from our review is in.